Web Hosting

You’ve got your website ready. What next? You need a hosting partner who is going to offer you best-in-class solution.

We’re DevOps through and through. And firm believers that all of our clients should follow suit. See, we don’t just install solutions and leave you to figure it out for yourself. Our team shows you the ropes of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Digital Oceans technology, how best to deploy your latest releases as well as bug fixes. The result? You’re entirely self-sufficient.

Our Approach

It doesn’t matter whether you’re tech-savvy or slow to adopt new technology, we apply the same techniques. Truth is, bespoke is a buzzword. Best practice guides exist for a reason and we’ll go through your set-up with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you’re in total adherence.

Security and Compliance

Build with confidence

AbsoluteByte are committed to keeping you both compliant and secure. We partner with leading security providers to deliver a truly fortified solution. Threat prevention, detection and response are at the heart of any successful website – especially where sensitive data is in scope.

AbsoluteByte will work with you to understand your data assets, their classification and what is required to ensure risks are mitigated and compliances are met, all whilst balancing cost.

Create in compliance

Development teams are focussed on features, functionality and the end user experience. Security is left to the end of the development process. We provide practical advice on security and help ensure your development teams consider it long before code is due for release into production. We’ll map out your existing security posture and help you understand any risks in your chosen platform.