Digital Marketing

If you don’t use digital marketing to drive brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, the reality is, you’re missing out on potential leads, sales and customers. That’s why digital marketing is at the core of everything we do.

Our team are experienced in delivering goal-led digital marketing strategies and campaigns for national and global brands – and have produced extraordinary results for our clients. Browse our digital marketing services below or read our recent case studies.

Paid Search

Compete at the top of the world’s largest search engines and make sure your brand is visible to all potential customers.

The range of clients we have provided PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management for is diverse; however we have one remit – to maximise revenue and minimise costs. Budgets have ranged from the lower end of the scale to sizeable budgets. We help with campaign set-up, KPI setting, precise keyword targeting and ongoing management and optimisation. You can read about our success in our client case studies.

Capabilities include:

Pay Per Click
Keyword research
KPI setting
Campaign management

    Benefits of PPC

  • Direct access to consumer who need your products/services
  • Test new markets and keywords before investing in SEO
  • Highly measurable
  • Increase targeted website traffic

Step 1: Keyword Research

We will begin by identifying which keywords have search demand, are relevant to your company’s product/service offering and align with your objectives in terms of which products or services you wish to promote. This allows more precise and cost-effective targeting during your PPC campaign.

Step 2: Campaign Set-Up

Using our extensive knowledge of how to effectively set-up campaigns that convert, we create accounts that are optimised to convert from day one. Our campaigns will also integrate with Google analytics and other tracking tools to ensure we have a complete view of performance.

Step 3: Implementation

Once the keywords have been agreed and the campaigns have been created we’ll roll out the campaigns and closely monitor progress on a weekly basis.

Step 4: Measure, Adapt & Improve

Agreeing on KPI’s before the campaign begins will allow us to agree on which metrics are most important to the business. With these KPI’s in mind, we’ll use Google Analytics, goal tracking and a call tracking software to confirm which are the best methods to track user conversions. Using the data gathered, we will continue to optimise the campaign throughout, ensuring we are always working to achieve the best possible results.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can optimise your website to improve your search rankings; increasing the chances of your brand, products and services being seen by potential customers.

Our Digital Marketing team begin by understanding your business before creating and implementing a robust SEO strategy. This involves undertaking keyword research, creating a keyphrase portfolio and updating your website’s Meta data.

We have undertaken SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) projects for both international brands and smaller, national SME’s. The scale may vary but the aim is the same – do what we can to make sure your website is optimised for organic (unpaid) search. In doing so, we’ll help to make sure your brand is more visible and more competitive. Read our digital marketing case studies to see the results we have achieved for our variety of clients.

    Benefits of SEO

  • Understand what your users are searching for to improve rankings
  • Outrank your competitors and gain their clicks
  • Increase traffic from search engines
  • Increase conversions by ensuring your site is ranking

SEO Strategy

We can help your organisation develop an organic SEO strategy that will ensure your on-page optimisation is not only best practice but is targeted for keywords that will grow your traffic levels month on month. We can also help with your site’s usability, backlinks and setting up custom reports and KPI’s via Google Analytics.

Link Building

Link Building is another excellent method for driving traffic to your website. Simply put, Link Building means having links to your website on other sites that have brilliant visibility and domain authority – such as respected online news sources or education websites. Our link building strategies are ethical, tailored and completely aligned with Google Standards.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an excellent method of driving traffic to your website by creating and publishing value-added, engaging content. We can also with such content in terms of blogs, social media content, videos and infographics, which can then be shared across the desired networks. We would ensure we develop content that is engaging, informative and helps your organisation to maximise popularity and trust alongside increasing your domain authority.

Local Search

Put your organisation back on the map and get local targeted sales and leads by helping you maximise your presence on Google Maps, Yahoo and Bing, alongside an optimised mobile experience. Our Digital Marketing team will understand your business and audiences and make key recommendations as to how you can improve local website traffic.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for brands, but to work well it needs a strategic approach combined with creative thinking.

We offer a number of social media services that will help you inspire, engage and convert your social audience, including:

- Social media strategy
- Social media campaigns
- Paid social activity
- Content & Design

    We can help you…

  • Ensure your social media is goal-focused.
  • Increase traffic and online conversions.
  • Improve the performance of your social media activity.
  • Use advertising options more effectively.

Social Media Strategy

With social, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the now. Why? Well because most of us use it everyday in our personal lives, not just professionally. But it’s good to stop, think and create a well-rounded strategy that’ll help catapult your social media and improve how it performs for your brand and contributes to your marketing goals. Beginning with a full strategy workshop, we will understand your brand, audiences and objectives, before creating a comprehensive strategy that will ensure your social activity is more efficient and effective. By the end of the process you’ll have a channel strategy, content approach, content ideas, and a means of prioritising both your resource and your budget.

Campaign Management

We can support you short-term by fully managing social media campaigns on your behalf. From generating the idea, to creating graphics, posting content and responding to fans, we can take care of the full process. At the end of the campaign period, we’ll also provide you with detailed reports and analytics, meaning you have key information which will help you with future activity.

Paid Strategy & Management

Social media is by no means a ‘free’ platform. It takes time, it takes lots of resource, thought and lastly, budget. Channel algorithms mean it’s increasingly difficult for you to reach your audience ‘unpaid’. But the good news is, with the data that social media channels have available, and the variety of advertising options, you can overcome this hurdle in a way that suits your brand and budget. Our Digital Marketing team can fully manage paid activity, meaning you can get on with curating, creating and sharing content and managing the day-to-day running of your social activity.

Social Media Management

From creating a full strategy to managing every part of daily social media management, we can become your outsourced team and look after everything on behalf of your brand. In order to maximise success, we use teams of people to deliver this activity, meaning we can take advantage for their individual skills and specialisms – whether that be paid activity, copywriting, design or creative ideas. Social media management varies widely from client to client. So if this is a service you are currently seeking, we would suggest that you contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Email Marketing

We support and manage email campaigns for over 20 clients’ using a wide range of email marketing tools. Each finding ease of use and success in their email marketing efforts with these tools.

There are two approaches we can take, client managed or agency managed. Both work well and allow you to scale your marketing messages across the business.

    Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Use a simple, cost effective digital channel to drive traffic to your website.
  • Communicate key marketing messages.
  • Manage data and subscribers
  • Track the journey from email to website to understand user behaviour and habits

Email data management

Any contact data captured from the website can be uploaded into the Email Marketing System via CSV. Other external lists can also be uploaded. You will then have the ability to segment and profile prior to sending. We will assess the requirements of integration with the current CRM system at the scoping stage.

Creating email campaigns

We can create beautiful email campaigns for your brand. Emails can be personalised, links to social media included and importantly easy and quick un-subscription offered (therefore following best practice). Emails can then be tested by sending them to multiple addresses as if they were the real campaign, allowing you to see it as your recipient would. Campaigns can be A/B tested by testing subject lines, content and from names.

Subscriber forms & lists

Subscriber forms can be fully integrated with your current website using API keys meaning a user can easily complete a subscriber form on your site and all of the information given will be housed securely within Campaign Monitor automatically. This means easy data gathering! Once the subscriber info is gathered, multiple subscriber lists can be set up so that you can manage subscribers and email content relevant to them. Lists are automatically de-duped and if additional subscribers are added who have previously unsubscribed their emails will be identified and suppressed for your review.


Once your campaign has been sent, a real-time Worldview report is available to identify where your email is being opened there and then. We can understand key things such as who opened emails, what they clicked on or who clicked forward and share. If anyone unsubscribes or an email bounces, we can use this data to our advantage too. In general, reporting allows you to assess email success and optimise your email marketing for future campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation focuses on turning visitors into customers. But there are many ways that we can test customer behaviour and optimise your website to do this.

We begin by understanding your main goals and considering how users will journey through your website. We can then assess the current design, set-up and hierarchy of your website information before making recommendations, undertaking tests and rolling out strategies that will improve conversion results.

Though such activity is largely used for websites with e-commerce features, the principle can be applied to help people fill in quote request forms or online contact forms. We will focus on anything that might turn a person from a website visitor into a customer or lead.

We offer:

    Key benefits:

  • Find blind spots in the conversion journey
  • Convert more customers
  • Increase user happiness and satisfaction
  • Decrease bounce rates across devices

Conversion Optimisation

Before making any recommendations or changes, we need to pin point exactly where users are abandoning their journey and then consider how to fix it.

A/B Testing

Test multiple different adverts, landing pages or designs at the same time to see how users respond. By doing so, we take away the guess work and focus on using tools and techniques we know your audience will respond to. Find out more about how else A/B Testing can be used or contact us to discuss this in more depth.

User Research & Testing

If your site isn’t converting or performing, there could be additional issues. We offer User Research and User Testing to help spot weaknesses and improve website performance long term. Undertaking such activities can take guess work and assumptions out of your digital marketing activity and make sure everything is optimised for your audience.


To understand the how your users journey through your website, such as where they linger, buttons they miss or forms they abandon, we can apply heatmaps and also video their journey – showing where they use the mouse or trackpad to navigate through the site. This can give us key insights and help us improve the user journey and optimise the site for conversions.